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Ian Gluck has wanted to perform all his life. Once he saw Jim Carrey in The Mask, he knew he HAD to be an actor. He always was cast as the lead role in his synagogue’s Hanukkah play, but that wasn’t the end of his journey. Sure, B’Nai Israel is a reputable theatre company, but he had to move on. His role of “the cop who arrests Millie in that dance number” in Thoroughly Modern Mille Jr. was his introduction to the world of musical theatre. After that, theatre was all that mattered to Ian. During his high school years, he was able to sing, direct one-acts, and star in a number of plays and musicals, directed by his mentor, David Doering. When he wasn’t in rehearsal, he began to teach himself a few instruments and write music with his friend. After high school, he went to Boston to (hopefully) earn a BFA in Musical Theatre at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee. In his time at the conservatory, Ian was fortunate enough to be cast in several shows at the Boston Center for the Arts, his favorite being American Idiot, one of his all-time “dream shows.” He also was given the privilege to put on he and Payton Justice's original show, Dahmer: A Musical, which he composed the music for, through NewGround Theatre Company. Ian is ecstatic to enter the world of performance.

Stage Highlights

Boston Center for the Arts | American Idiot | 2019


The Boston Conservatory | Stupid F*cking Bird | 2019


Newground Theater Co. | What Love is Not | 2020

Anton (Originated)


Priscilla Beach Theatre | Frozen Jr. | Music Director

Spring Lake Summer Theatre Expo | Seussical Jr. | Director

Spring Lake Summer Theatre Expo | The Lion King Jr. | Director

Spring Lake Summer Theatre Expo | Shrek Jr. | Co-Director

Special Skills

Instruments played: guitar, ukulele, basic piano, basic bass, some banjo

Impressions: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump, Big Mouth
Accents: Scottish, RP, German, Australian, Russian, American dialects, French

Other: Tongue clicks, ear pops, cartwheels, sound design, Super Smash Brothers, driver’s license, US Passport

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